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Paige’s Song

This is a story of a beautiful little girl born with Down syndrome.  She is a huge blessing in our lives.  You will read about our joy, sadness, denial, heart breaks, and love for this beautiful, feisty,  African-America little girl.   Our story is filled with inspiring words and light-hearted humor to inspire any new parent full of questions, doubts and fear.    When Paige was born, I never dreamed she would make the progress she has made.  I realized that I celebrated  each milestone with the pride of her winning Gold at the Olympics. I had no idea that she would be doing some of the things she is doing today.  I hope you enjoy our story and find it inspiring to you, someone in your family, or a close friend.

Click here for more about African American Children with  Down syndrome!

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I started this blog many times over the last few years.  For whatever reason (life) I never got a chance or time to get started.  When Paige was born, very little information was available for new parents with Down syndrome.  I relied on libraries and the outdated information found on the internet.  Being totally lost and confused I started a parent support group for our community.  Well that lasted for about a year until our co-founder passed away suddenly.  It was a very sad time for us, but we just didn’t keep it together.  Then I had my 3rd child, returned to work and as they say the rest is life.

Fast forward a few years later, Paige is all grown up and an intelligent little girl.  Read some of the posts on mischievous and you can tell what I mean.


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